Broken Wheat / Daliya. Bansi variety

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Have a tastful morning with our Dalia made from Bansi wheat. We specially ask our chakki operator to make larger than usual grains to keep all the goodness and all the taste 🙂

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Start your day with fiber-rich wheat Dalia made from the Bansi variety. Soft and full of nutrition, this Dalia has a pleasant aroma when cooked. Add raisins, nuts and sprinkle crushed jaggery for sweetness. Good Morning! 🙂

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1 review for Broken Wheat / Daliya. Bansi variety

  1. Pawan

    I’ve grown up eating Dalia (pata), the ones I get off the shelf. But when I ate the one from Graintastic – I was amazed and felt sorry for myself cuz I’ve been eating fake Dalia all my life.

    Now I’m addicted to the Dalia from Graintastic because it’s tasty, healthy and I know I’m eating right! It is an important part of my breakfast.

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