Basmati 386. harvest of 2020, lightly milled

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The Basmati rice belt stretches from the western Uttar Pradesh to all the way up to the states of Jammu and Kashmir. There are close to 30 different varieties of Basmati grown in the northern regions. This is the only geo-tagged variety of rice in India! No other Indian state (or country) can claim the name ‘Basmati’ if it is not grown in the regions listed above.

Industrial rice are polished many times to remove the Bran. This process removes the essential nutrients which are good for our digestive system, leaving the shiny starch rich grain. Rice is polished for easy digestibly and chewing, but we lose essential minerals viz. Iron, Zinc and magnesium.

This is a semi-polished rice, hence, it retains some of the Bran (Unpolished will be mostly brown in color). I personally take the rice to the mill and it is processed in front of me. We do not grade the rice, as you can see from the images, it contains grains of all sizes.

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1 review for Basmati 386. harvest of 2020, lightly milled

  1. Gurpreet

    I’ve ordered this rice quite a few times now and we love it
    1. It’s very fragrant
    2. It’s not kinda bleached white
    3. It’s tasty

    It does not absorb too much water so if you make 1 glass it will make max 1½ glass … so now we know the measures ….

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