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graintastic organic basmati

Promise of poison free food

graintastic organic farm

Promise of traceability

graintastic organic farm

Heritage / Native varieties

The promise of organic food is complete only when you know where your food is grown and the farmer who grows it for you. At Graintastic, we strive to bring to you food grown using conscious and sustainable practices, and that can be traced back to the patch of land it comes from. But, importantly, we connect you with the farmer who lovingly tends to his crops with the sole aim of delivering poison-free food to your family

Our Farms

My first (and favourite) farm is at my ancestral village of Mustafabad (District Kapurthala) where i converted 4 acres to organic in 2016. It is a 3 hours drive from Chandigarh. This patch of land is right next to the GT Road! You will see it on your right side as you pass Kartarpur / Hamira on your way to Amritsar.

Click on this link to view location.

Basmati threshing

Bansi Wheat, Rabi 2020

Summertime :-)


Village elders enjoying the Sun

After the Wheat harvest