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From Software to soil engineering!

One day I was on a conference call discussing the user stories for a weekly sprint for a CRM implementation; a day after that I was on a call asking an expert how to make organic fertilizer from cow urine! 2016 was the 19th year of my career in the IT sector. Suddenly, within 24 hours I had become a “software-engineer-turned-farmer” – a clichéd term these days. Corporate burnout came faster than I had thought and I had reached the crossover point sooner than I had imagined. Looking back, I believe that the turning point for me came when I started reading about food, the evolution of it, the sustainability of it, and how fundamental the growing of food is for our future existence. Taking care of a patch of soil touches almost every aspect of our life. This I realised when I grew my first tomato plant on the balcony.

Growing those tomato plants taught me something powerful. That we must each renew our connection with the earth and stop taking it for granted. I did not quit my job to make a business out of farming, but to put life back into the soil, to invite every possible life form back to my farm and, to grow poison free food for everyone. The infamous Bangalore traffic did contribute a bit to hasten the process! 🙂

I can write in detail about my experiences, which I reckon could become a long and boring read. If you are in or around Chandigarh, do stop by for a chat. Let’s talk over your choice of beverage…as long as it’s coffee!

-Rahul Sharma
The Honest Farmer