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Humans started domesticating wild varieties of wheat in the fertile crescent (now Iran) about 10,000 years ago. Yes, grains are as old as civilization itself. Over many generations, many wild varieties were carefully selected by early farmers for their nutrition value and natural resilience. This natural diversity is what kept the crops stronger and humans healthier. Fast forward to the 1950s when the Green Revolution created hybrid varieties for better yield. Nutrition and diversity were thrown out of the window by the ‘crop scientists’. 

Pulses were created so they can sprout and cook faster; rice was created to look and smell good, and an entire spectrum of grains – millets – were branded as ‘poor man’s food’, and systematically removed from our diet. Farmers were enslaved and were forced to grow only a certain variety of hybrid grains.

Graintastic is a modest step to bring back those ancient grains back to your table. I do not view grains as just food. I see nutrition, diversity and health in every native grain I grow at my farm. With Graintastic, you’ll make soft, healthy rotis from Bansi wheat, savour the forgotten, earthy taste of moong and mah ki dal, and put the power of millets back on your plate.